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WhatsApp bulk message bot, Send text messages and images and voice message, Smart auto replies, Simple Secure & Fast tool.

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#1 WhatsApp bulk message bot, 3-secs send multiple format messages and even voice message, smart auto replies included.


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per user / month
  • Send up to 10 messages.
  • Auto reply up to 10 messages.
  • Send Later (schedule send)
  • Basic support
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$6.00 $10.00 / Month

per user / month
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Smart auto reply unlimited
  • Send Later (schedule send)
  • Premium support
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What WA Sender Pro can do for me?

By using WA Sender Pro, You can:

  • WhatsApp Auto Message Sender
  • One click to Send bulk, customized, WA messages automatically
  • Send Text message, image, voice message, video, audio, Document file via WhatsApp auto sender
  • Send View once image and video message.
  • Send later
  • Smart Auto Reply when receiving new messages.
  • Extract group members, label members and all contacts.
  • Personalized messages with placeholders
  • Safe & Random group sending interval
What is the difference between a free account and a paid user?
  • Free account can only send up to 10 messages, auto reply up to 10 messages.
  • Paid account can send Unlimited messages per day. can auto reply Unlimited messages.
How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your premium subscription at any time, by clicking the PRO button, and finally clicking the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.

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2. Click on the Chrome main menu and select “Extensions” from the “More tools” option.
3. Here click on the “Developer mode” toggle at the top-right corner to enable it.
4. Now drag and drop the ZIP file of the extension in the Chrome extensions page and you’ll be asked to add the extension like you are usually asked. that's all.